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Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"Dont work here it nobody knows what's going on the place is a circus. HR sucks surprised the company is not shutdown yet..they would have customers waiting for everNoneEverything"

Merchandising Associate (Current Employee) says

"Merchandising team is a joke at $11 an hour. We are expected to do our job and 15 million other things along with it but are still expected to get our own job done within their time frame. Its impossible awnsering customer questions, helping with loadouts AND getting our zone done on time. Bonuses if you stay long enoughPoor management views"

Tire Technician (Former Employee) says

"Interview went great, got a job offer which I accepted and put in my 2 weeks notice at my other job. Then after drug test and background check of which I passed both they rescinded the job offer without explanation."

Overnight Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"One of the most poorly run stores I've ever been a part of. It could be different now, but at the time, management held no accountability for themselves, problem employees or in-store issues. If store manager destroys a pallet of milk or something with the forklift, they expect you to clean it. They will avoid you like the plague for standing up for yourself when they attempt to throw their managerial weight around and will walk all over you if you allow it. You get minimal training at best and expected to do your job and whatever daytime doesn't do. Absolutely nothing is done on your days off. You walk into a mess, straighten up, stock shelves, rinse and repeat. Shop before store opens and friendly co-workersZero management"

Auxiliar Administrativa (Former Employee) says

"Los gerentes se la viven echándose entre ellos y tienen empleados preferidos y no te dejan trabajar como se debe"

Merchandiser full time (Former Employee) says

"Some of the managers talk down to the associates and are very rude and disrespectful to you. They are bossy an nit pick about everything.. They tell you not to ask questions and expect you to be thier mindless robot. They make everything so confusing an stressful.. Not to mention the pay is only minimum wage while they give others whom they recently hired a better paying position at $15/hr yet they want to overwhelm and overwork you! They dont show any appreciation for what you do! I DONT recommend working at Sam's Club free membershipmanagement is rude, mean, disrespectful, they are bossy, your opinions doesn't matter"

was tire center (Former Employee) says

"unless you want to work for a poor pay, and no benefits, and also poor management, don't apply was there for two years, and filed 2 complaints. they don't care, they don't listen, and your just a number to keep their multi millions dollar company running for the least amount of pay. they dont care about you, they only care about how much money you can make them, for the least amount of paya free sams cardeverything else"

Ejecutiva Telefónica (Former Employee) says

"Al salir te roban dos quincenas y te dan menos de 1,500 pesos."

Receiving/ warehouse stocker (Current Employee) says

"Management will change schedule and not notify you. I had 4- 2 week paychecks under 45 hours, after they promised 32-34 hours a week. Never touched a forklift, even though I have 34 years experience. The company has a fabulous training program, too bad this club DOESN'T implement it. They make you train yourself. Never in my 40 years in the workplace have I experienced this. EVER. Half the managers are bullies, 3 incompetent, one good one. Some COS's are very good. Most of the employees are great people. Just stuck in a low wage, low hour job. My only foray into retail, and it will be my last.Co-workers/friendshipsLow pay. Horrible schedule, constantly changing, never have 2 days off in a row."

Meat Cutter/Butcher (Current Employee) says

"Festering swamp of incompetent and inconsequential corporate goons. Theres too many hands in the cookie jar and they only care about issues after it becomes a problem, nothing is done proactively. Every single member of management looks absolutely miserable and pathetic with dark circles under their eyes. Its not worth it: to slave away doing trivial work for a greedy corporation that makes billions each year and dishes out peanut shells to those who are responsible, and to be treated like a soulless cog in a machine. Overall, the whole company is foul and should be condemned by everyone if they know whats good for the world.Loleverything"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Overworked and underpaid. Not enough cashiers and don't train people well enough. I almost never had a runner(a person who helps the cashier) and went home with strained ligaments in my ankles. They got rid of HR so i don't know who does their hiring now."

Lot associate (Former Employee) says

"The managers there only care about their money and suck and scheduling people.There wasn’t a day I was there that there wasn’t a problem. Everyone in my position agrees that the job there sucks and pay isn’t worth it until you’ve been working there for years... all in all it’s a shxx place to work and if you close they have you locked in there until a manager cares to come and unlock it but only on their time. Sometimes they have shxx food for you.Schedule, cars, managers being dicks, everything."

Merchandising Associate (Current Employee) says

"I've been working at Sam's Club for a few months now at my location and outside of the above average pay, the job is terrible. In my short time here so far, one team lead has been fired and another is close to being fired as well, both for being incompetent and not doing their jobs. Within my first month of working, a coworker made homophobic comments towards me and they are still working there with no repercussions, despite being reported to managers and HR/Ethics. We're constantly understaffed, as people call out constantly and we are a crew of about ~6 people on a good day for stocking.Customers are incredibly rude, and there's no real enforcement for wearing masks by the customers so they can walk around being a danger to us and others.Some coworkers are nice, but most talk behind each other's backs and you can't trust anyone to not repeat what you said.Above average pay, decent coworkersEverything else."

Sales Floor Associate (Former Employee) says

"Truly a terrible company to work for . you are a replaceable number they have the worst pay rate of any grocery store i have ever seen. no benefits , constant disrespect from managers, and no compensation for hard work. if youre looking for a grocery store job apply to anywhere but here"

Member Services, Cafe (Former Employee) says

"Management sucks, begged me to move from the front desk to cafe for more hours..only to get less hours. Management said they would fix it but didn't. Seems like there is more room for advancement for non minorities"

Cafe Associate (Former Employee) says

"Over worked, no team work. Was told I threw a chili dog at a customer and asked them to review tapes because it was BS and they said I was in my 90 days they dont have to. I've been banned from working at Sam's club or walmart permanently.Nothing"

Cashier/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Managers have favoritesNo good hoursNo training Orientation was only 5 mins longNo one knows what they are doingCustomers are rude and entitledCoworkers don’t want to help you out when you’re newIf you have a certain availability, you might as well toss it because they don’t care. NothingEverything"

TBC Technician (Former Employee) says

"I would recommend not working at this Sam's club location. They treat you like a dog if you’re not the same color as them. They don’t care how much you do even if you give it your all. They only care about the money. Very poor management.Nothing at this placeEverything"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"A manager asked me to watch a brown family closely at a self checkout to make sure they didn’t try to steal. They did not. They reallllly push you to sell those memberships so I hope you don’t mind bothering every single person in line about opening a credit card (for like no reward, by the way) every time they come in, for even just a rotisserie chicken.a little moneyliterally everything else"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"It was a job and that’s all I can say. PT was 40 hrs a week, managers need training on how to treat people under them. If they don’t like you, you will sure know. None1/2 hour lunch"

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